100+ happy holi wishes for love

Happy Holi wishes sweetheart.

1). Your existance in my life is the sweetest blessing of God. You are the brightest color which has made my life so vibrant. Wishing you a lovely Happy Holi sweetheart.

2). You bring sunshine and brightness in my life. You are the best color in my life. Happy Holi sweetheart.

3). May the festival bring the best of shades of love happiness and love in your life. Happy Holi sweetheart.

4). Let us dance to the wonderful tunes of Holi celebrations…. Let us loosen ourselves in the festive mode and enjoy this colorful day with happiness and merriment…. Wishing the best of blessings and happiness to the love of my life…. Wishing you a very Happy Holi!!!

5). I wish the festival of colors bring along sweet memories and happiness in your life. No matter how much you hide, I am surely going to splash all possible colors on you.

6). You are the most beautiful color of my life. You are the color of love which has added new energy to my life. On this auspicious occasion of Holi, I wish you a romantic Happy Holi 2022.

Happy Holi wishes Sister-in-law.

1). Wish this Holi fill your life with happiness and joy. You are a very special person in our family. Happy Holi

2). I wish that this festival of colors fill your life with endless love and happiness. Happy Holi

3). This Holi should fill your life with fond memories and happiness. Wishing you Happy Holi 2022 dear Sister-in-law.

4). Let the colors of happiness and success spread in your life on the occasion of Holi…. Let there be more merriment, more enjoyment to make it the most memorable Holi of all times… With lots of love, wishing you a very Happy Holi my sister in law.

5). I pray to God that your life is filled with laughter, happiness, love, prosperity, peace and success. May you enjoy every moment to the fullest. Have a blessed Holi. Happy Holi to you.

6). May the vibrant colors of Holi festival brighten your life with blessings of God, joy and laughter. Wishing you a wonderful and colorful festival. Warm wishes to you on Holi 2022

       Happy holi wishes everyone

  • May this festival of colors fill colors in your life. To every shade of you, I wish happy and colorful holi!
  • Happy holi from mine to yours. Hope you have a colorful day and a colorful life with all kind of right twists in the color.
  • The best part of the year has arrived. Its holi time, let me color you with all the beautiful colors and make sure you enjoy it to the best, happy holi!
  • Holi isn’t a day’s celebration, it’s a season full of love , emotion and color. Happy holi!
  • May God grant you peace of mind and good health. Happy Holi!
  • Holi is the festival of love and togetherness. Enjoy the day to the fullest. Wishing you a happy Holi.
  • Sending you colorful blessings on Holi. May you have a happy and contented life.
  • May the year ahead be prosperous and happy and everyday be as colorful as Holi.
  • I am eagerly waiting for the dawn to arrive so that I may drench you with lovely colors.advertisement
  • May this Holi bring us good luck and our friendship continue to grow.
  • Play a safe Holi with natural colours. Wishing you a very happy Holi.
  • Wishing that may good times last forever. Happy Holi!
  • With Holi comes a lot of joy and happiness. It also brings delicious gujiyas and sweets. Happy Holi!
  • May God shower all his blessings upon you and fill you life with good deeds and contentment. Happy Holi!
  • I promise to be by your side on this Holi and soak you with the colours of joy. Happy Holi!
  • May all the 365 days of the year be as merry as the day of Holi. Happy Holi!
  • May the day be bright and sunny so that wee may be able to play our holi with peace and joy. Happy Holi!
  • May God guide you in your journey towards success. Wishing you a very happy Holi.


  • Trust your adoration is surrounded with all colors of affection & joy. Today & dependably. Euphoric Holi!


  • The dominant idea behind Holi festival is that we should live more in harmony with nature instead of trying to destroy her and make her our slave.


  • Moon is full, colors are full, on this spoke moonlight cool,
    may your life be beautiful, all holy wishes on Holi get soon full!



  • Bright colors, water balloons, lavish gujiyas and melodious songs are the ingredients of perfect Holi.
    Wish you a very Happy and Wonderful Holi.



  • Holi is the apt time to break the ice, renew relationships and link yourself with those that you wanted to with a bit of color.


  • Happiness is the most beautiful color in life which I wish should stay forever with you. Happy Holi


Splash in the colors of fun…
Enjoy the delicious treats…
May your life bloom with joy…
On this delightful occasion…
Happy Holi



  • Every day needs to be colorful, but seldom it is. So, stock yourself for a whole year!
    Happy Holi



  • Red for love, green for prosperity, orange for success and pink for happiness. May God Bless you and your family with all these colors, Happy Holi



  • Hope your life always remain dipped in hues and blues. Happy Colorful Holi



  • No religion makes more use of color than Hinduism, with its blue-skinned Gods and Peony-Lipped Goddesses, and even the spring festival of Holi is focused on color boys squirt arcs of dyed water on passersby or dump powder, all violently hued, on their marks.

       Happy holi wishes for friends

  • Happy Holi! Wishing you a Holi filled with sweet memories to cherish for a long time.
  • May your life be as colourful as the festival itself or even more. Happy Holi.
  • Wishing you all a blessed and Happy Holi. Have a fantastic and colourful Holi festival this year.
  • Let’s fill each other with the colour of Holi and the deepest shade of love. Happy Holi, my love.
  • Happy Holi 2021! I wish you a colourful day with all kinds of colour, love, and happiness.
  • I wish that this year Holi brings every moment with happiness. May God bless you and your family. I wish you a very happy Holi.
  • Wishing you all good health and prosperity. May God shower us with His blessings on the occasion of Holi.
  • May the drumbeats and colour bring out the best in you! Enjoy this festive colour with your dear ones. Happy Holi.
  • Wishing you health, prosperity, and blessings from the gods. May you be as colourful as the festival itself. Happy Holi 2021.
  • Wishing you Holi filled with bright colours, water balloons, delicious gujias, and melodious songs. Enjoy the best festive with your dear ones.

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